Kitchener Massage Therapy

The Acuball

I'm trying something new this month, I've brought in a product for resale. The Acuball is something that has been floating around my house for a few years. It's something that I lean on regularly for my own aches and pains. And I often find myself recommending my clients go buy one somewhere else or use a lacrosse ball to achieve a similar effect. I feel that it will be helpful to keep a few in the clinic so that clients can take home exactly what I’m showing them.

I do find that the heat the Acuball provides creates a superior effect over an old lacrosse ball. The way heat relaxes your muscles combined with the effect of Trigger Point Release and facial release from the ball at the same time, work to create a very full release.


Acuball has a great resource on their website call “Click Where You Hurt”. It's exactly what it sounds like, a side view of the body with many points and labels. If you click one, you will be shown a video on how to use the Acuball to relieve pain in that area. Awesome! They clearly have put a lot of work into this. They also have an app for Android and iPhone, it's basically a collection of links to this same function as well as the many other resources they have put out in different places on the web. It's simple but helpful when your learning how to best use your new Acuball. One function they provide in the app is a ‘Stretch Alarm’, exactly what it sounds like, again simple but useful.

You can find the Acuball and its brother and sister products the Acuball mini, Acupad and the Acupad on their website or by coming into the Kitchener Massage Therapy clinic.