Kitchener Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Music

I’m not the kind of massage therapist that plays nature sounds, new age music, or any of the other typical spa-type music for my clients while I’m working. My primary goal as a massage therapist is not relaxation; relaxation is a side effect of my style of therapy and sometimes sleep does come for some of my less rested clients. I’m more concerned with your muscular dysfunction; I don’t feel I need to play music that’s going to put you to sleep. This doesn’t mean I play punk or heavy metal; you’re likely to hear anything from jazz and classical to folk or blues music.

90% of the time I play CBC Radio 2 in my massage therapy room. I’m in Kitchener Ontario so if you want to have a listen to what Radio 2 is playing now, check out the eastern regional broadcast. Radio 2 plays a whole range of music; classical, opera, jazz, folk, country, hip hop, blues… the list goes on. Every hour, on the hour, there is 5 minutes of world news, but I find this to be a small price to pay compared to radio commercials every 10-15 minutes. And hey -- it forces me to stay up to date on world events!

As a backup, for those times when the opera gets to be too much or the hip hop to loud for my client, I always have my MP3 player as a backup. I’ll often have music like: Nina Simone, Nora Jones, Jack Jonson, Lenard Cohen and U2 on hand.