Kitchener Massage Therapy

Maziey The Office DOg

Maziey is an 8 month old puppy(as of May 2020). We adopted her as a family pet and office dog, December of 2019. She is very adorable, very well behaved for her age and a gentle soul.


Maziey was adopted as a rescue from the Island of Bahamas. After hurricane Dorian(August 28th, 2019) many of the island dogs were rescued by an animal shelter, The PotCake Place. When Maziey was found on the streets she was malnourished, completely bald and had rickets. After being nursed back to health she was vaccinated, put on an airplane to canada then eventually landed in my family's home. Despite her early hardships she is a loving and kind puppy. Though she is still a little timid, which we are helping her work through.


One of my hope’s for Maziey is for her to be a massage therapy room office dog and spend some of her day by the fireplace like our old cat Elliott would before he passed away. She is also being crate trained so that when the therapy room isn't an option for her she can be upstairs safely by herself. Her training is coming along very well but she is still young and I can’t expect perfect behaviour yet.


I find her to be surprisingly smart, she is learning all the basic commands quickly, as well as many tricks. She has completed her level one obedience training and is scheduled for level two next month. We hope to complete level four eventually and then apply for therapy dog status. At the moment she is being taught to greet people nicely at the front door. Door greeting is coming along nicely but one thing everyone can help me with now is to turn your back to her if she jumps up on you as you come in the door, once she sits nicely you can greet her in anyway you like.


I want everyone know Maziey will be here in case you have allergies to dogs. Also if you have a fear, dislike or phobia of dogs please let me know before any upcoming massage appointments and I will make sure she is nestled upstairs in her kennel safely before you get here, I will completely understand.

If you have any questions or concerns Please let me know. Otherwise Maziey and I will look forward to seeing you soon.